Sliding door HANGAR DOOR

The right solution for every individual hangar door application

In the Butzbach sliding door the free moveable door leaves enable each individual door panel to be shifted easily. This ensures the highest flexibility in application. When the door leaves are parked besides the building, the entire width of the hangar is accessible. This specific technology ensures a permanent reliability for operation and function, so that e.g. in a MRO hangar a reliable time schedule can be guaranteed. For superior requirements in protection the door can be upgraded in burglar resistance class WK3 acc. to DIN V ENV 1627.



Permanent operational availability:

  • Ideal for MRO businesses: Butzbach hangar doors are warrants for reliable function during decades. The first hangar doors installed in 1984 still make daily proof of their reliability
  • The door is operational at any moment: In case of power cuts or other emergencies the door can always be opened or closed manually, heated rails guarantee an operation also in winter conditions
  • Many tests and approvals in wind resistance, air permeability and protection against rain proof that Butzbach hangar doors proof the superior level of quality
  • The movements of the structural building frames are dependably absorbed by the special Butzbach guiding roll system, even with superior effects of snow loads the door function is never interfered

Best working conditions

  • Ideal for MRO operations: natural, cast-shadow free and dazzle-free light inside the hangar. The special material fibreglass features very low U values and a light transmittance of up to 78%. The entire, highly insulated hangar door surface is used as a passive light source.
  • Design your Butzbach hangar door according to your individual needs and wishes. You can also combine different materials such as fiberglass, sandwich panels, trapezoid sheets, polycarbonate, or real glass …
  • Best safety and comfort conditions for your staff in and around the hangar: Ribbon windows in real glass, integrated in the hangar door, offer perfect view to the airfield
  • Maximum protection for staff and material: approved safety edge and warning signal devices, pendulum brakes as speed limiters for manually operated doors can be integrated

Individual design with many constructive benefits

  • Door follows function: You can integrate smaller doors for the passage of vehicles such as cars or trucks directly into the hangar door
  • For trouble-free staff movements a passage door can be integrated, so that the hangar door can remain closed. The low threshold even responds to barrier free building.
  • The integration of a tail door leads to a lower height of the main sliding door and thus to a cost reduction
  • The very low weight load on the structure reduce the cost for the building itself
  • Fuselage embracing doors make a tight closure possible even of the aircraft tail remains outside the hangar
  • With an execution in burglar resistance class WK3 you can improve the access protection of your hangar
  • Butzbach HANGAR DOORS offer the suitable solution for all applications on an airport: MRO, parking hangars, production hangars, painting hangars, testing hangars, shelters, for military aircrafts, general aviation, airlines, helicopters, even for Zeppelin airships

Option WK3 - protection for the staff and valuables:

  • Specifically designed for hangars with superior access-protection requirements
  • Burglar resistance tested and approved in resistance class WK3 acc. to DIN V ENV 1627
  • No direct view through the fibreglass panels due to their special surface structure, efficient protection against external observers
  • Nevertheless a high degree in light transmittance and a reliable function as a sliding door, for the specific needs in a hangar


Technical data

Each hangar door is a bespoke solution on individual demand and is designed, constructed, produced and installed by the millimeter for each hangar. The technical data are a result of the specific requirement of each single project.

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