Smoke Tester EST / Smoke Detector Tester

 • Large rooms with high ceilings 
  • Fire-resistant roller shutter with smoke detectors 
  • Smoke detectors in false ceilings

automatic smoke detector test at the touch of a button


  • The test equipment does not need to be refilled. 
  • No costs for test equipment. 
  • Enormous time savings in the inspection of fire alarm systems. 
  • Control without tools such as ladders, scaffolding, or risers. 
  • Examination can be carried out by only one employee. 
  • No elaborate removal of ceiling parts or shelves necessary. 
  • Easy installation of the tester. Retrofitting of existing systems possible. 


The Effertz Smoke Tester is mounted in front of the smoke detector. A worldwide patent pending technique heats a solid test medium in seconds to produce test smoke. A fan integrated in the tester blows the generated smoke into the test chamber of the smoke detector. Immediately afterwards, a functioning smoke detector triggers. The fan of the test device continues to run for approx. 30 seconds. As a result, the test chamber is blown out again. The installation of the Effertz Smoke Tester is simple and time-consuming. Each smoke detector has a separate tester connected to a control panel. From there, all tests are triggered. The standard control unit is designed for 10 test devices. Thus, at any time, even in large fire alarm systems,

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